Go Catanduanes: Sentinel of the East

St. John the Baptist Church: Built in 1830 by Franciscans.
Ever wonder what’s within the Sentinel of the East? For many, this province is the common path of the tropical storm or typhoon, but for many, this province is home for wonderful and picturesque geological and natural scenery, this blog welcomes you to- Catanduanes!

On top of the hill: The church’s view overlooking the river.
 My very first travel to Catanduanes got me in shock and surreal. Getting to this province is not easy  especially if you are traversing via Ro-Ro. I embarked on a Ro-Ro for the first time and the experience will make you dizzy. A three hour travel from Tabaco to San Andres is quite long and let me remind you of this, if someone is selling ‘bonamine’ on the ship, buy at least one because the the ocean waves will make you dizzy throughout your journey.


Post card Perfect! Bato Church in Frame
As I disembarked on the ship, I realized how lucky I am to control myself not into vomit inside the latter. So we docked on San Andres, a town 30 minutes away from Virac. Going to Virac, you need to ride a jeepney (P 25.00).

I alighted at the VTC Jeepney Terminal and went straight to the mall to grab lunch. After that, I checked in to Marem’s Pension House. The pension house is excellent for those who are travelling cheap and their service is quite good. So after I checked-in, I went straight to Bato Church (St. John the Baptist Church). From my place to Bato Church, it will cost you P20.00 via tricycle.


I haven’t found any historical marker of the church given that it was built many years ago.

I also visited the famous Twin Rock Beach Resort. From Virac to Twin Rock, it will took you 30 minutes and will cost you P15-20.00.


A P50.00 entrance fee to the beach will give you this stunning scenery.

One of the twin rock on the left (facing the ocean)

Our next stop, Maribina Falls.

Maribina Falls during Summer Season
Maribina Falls is the most accessible among other falls in the province. It is 5 meters high with gushing rapids of clear water. An entrance fee of P 15.00 is not bad and you can go up to the top of the falls.


Last stop, the Seat of the Diocese of Virac, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. When I visited the cathedral, the front of the church is under construction, I guess the canopy.


Inside the Cathedral: The intricate detail of the ceiling.
It was quite a quick tour in Catanduanes but fortunate to visit at least few of their tourist sites. I will definitely come back here together with my friends.




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