Life Strikes: It is not Always What You Want- It is What you Really Hate that You Get the Most

When I was 6, I remembered my Mama asked me this question: “ano’ng gusto mo ‘pag-laki mo?” then I quickly answered with a loud and firmed voice: “gusto kong maging doctor!” (I want to be a doctor!). My reason is very simple, to help those indigents, to medicate them for free. 

That was a long time ago, when I was a kid, and through the years, my preferences, choices in life evolves and it continue. Way back in high school, my dream is to  a news reporter, that is why my favorite subject is History. I have interests in Current Events, watching CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, ANC- you ask, All cable news channel, I can name it. I am a news savvy, I once dreamed of myself on a t.v. reporting from a news desk or a scene where the news happens. 

When I started in college, my dream lives but not with my landed course. I ended up taking a Bachelors’ Degree in Marketing. M four years in college were filled with high apirations and desire to be a successful marketer. I almost excelled in every subject (except for with math subjects, really not my cup of tea). I was a Dean’s Listers that time but not part of the honorable mentions during commencement exercise.

After graduation, I have this high hopes packed with confidence and self-esteem that I can pass interviews and exams. But the reality bites comes in. Numerous interviews ans exams I failed. My hopes and dreams get low until the time comes the financial restraints came forward to my family. I badly needed a job that time, I am the last hope of my family. My dream of to be a good marketer were teared down into smaller and smaller. My only dream that time-to be a Call Center Agent. With high compensation, I can help my family to alleviate from debts and sufferings. I submitted my resumes to many Call Center Hubs but end up- we-regret-to-inform-you message. 

But those upsets taught me to strive harder and to quit. Yes, there is a point in time of my life that when most of the companies I applied for turned down my applications and I said to my self: Ayoko na, Kayo na ang bahala. I uttered those words during an exam to the company I was applying. But, I never thought, that moment, when you feel like quitting, when you feel like you are nothing, those rain drops in the window pane, is a sign of a blessing, a day to be thankful and be grateful. Yes, I passed the exam and interview. After six months of searching, after six months of failing, finally, I got a job!

All my hardships were paid-off. I was hired by Jollibee as Assistant Restaurant Manager. For three years, I had the best and worst of my life. In June 2013, I finally bid farewell to the big red bee. 

It was also in 2013 when I had my new job in the retail industry. Rough Rider Jeans (RRJ) hired me as their Audit Officer. My job took me to different places in which I never taught of coming. I went to Zamboanga, Davao, Cebu, Leyte, Samar, the place that you can’t ever want to visit, yes, I went there too. 

But I also feel the stress brought by office politics so I quit in December 2015.

April 5, 2016, my heart went back to my first love, to the food industry. I was hired by Mister Donut as Internal Process and Standard Officer or short for Audit Officer. Until now, I am currently working with the company. I am spearheading the directions of Quality Operations Excellence Audit and I find my job satisfying and rewarding.

As we grow old, our choices drives us to the odds of life. One day, you want to be a doctor, the next, a news caster, and in some point, you changed, you suddenly wanted to be a marketer. Then there comes life, the failures, hardships, the turn downs and the upwards of life. 

Life is a great shaper, a molder of who you are. It shape us into many forms resulting from our own choices. It does not designate us of where does we belong, it is us who designate us where to be by means of our choices. 

Choices is not always happening according to what we desire. Most of the time, its the adversed effect of our desire. It is not what you like but, it is what you really hate the most. But always think of the brighter side, Maybe, the Guy above who tend to hide from clouds during your down fall, the Guy who hides from you when you are feeling undet the weather, that Guy who watched you falling, that Guy- who knows you more than your self has a bigger and better plans for you.

I never thought of saying those words; ayoko na, Ikaw na ang bahala because I was not that religious before, I never prayed before. But look what surrendering brought to my life. Until now, I am living in grace, still thankful and grateful for His plan is working to me. It is just a matter of trusting and faith in His plans. 

If life give you lemons, then make lemonades from it. Never stop dreaming, never stop believing. 


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