Life Strikes: The World Need Fresh Brains

This is the time when most of the colleges and universities holds commencement exercises- a thrilling, most awaited, and we can say, the highlight of a student’s journey for more than four or five years. Everyone seem excited to have their creative graduation pictorials, exchanging wonderful memories with classmates-the sleepless nights working on a project, review for examinations, and many weird and memorable student’s struggle-is-real stories. Being a student is one of the highlight of everyone’s life. Because this is were we are getting molded by our character and honed by our passion to do what we love to do. 

The real journey starts when you disembark from the stairs of your universities, leaving the corridors of institutions and getting ready to face the fury and rigors of what life is clamouring for- the world need fresh brains. You have this raw thoughts, you possess this confidence that one day, you can fix it, you can troubleshoot a certain glitch, you can exceed their expectations, that you can outdo and create a new system that is fast and easy. 

Life, as we think, is easy after we received our diplomas. But that’s not easy the way you think of it. Along the way, there were obstacles, bunch of frustrations and heavy load of emotions. The real world demands nothing but more and more- infinite and uncontented. The frustration comes in when you landed on a job that you do not like or desire. Obstacles lurking when you hardly connect with people around you in a company, or from the basic-getting a job. Emotions will turn you upside down, soon you’ll gonna learn how to act and react on a certain matters. 

Yes, life is tough and that’s the way it is. Whether you like it or not, the so-called life will threw you more sheet of papers enveloping the message that goes: we want more! Until you reach the apex of quitting and surrendering. Maybe it’s too premature to mention this scenario but sooner or later, you will realize it. Soon you will understand your parents working hard just for you. Later, you are with the same boat with your parents paddling towards better life. 

The world needs someone with a fresh thought, someone who can bring the best in others, someone who are brave to take the odds and paddle against the current. You are unique and full of hope, never let that glow run away from you. Keep shining, never stop chasing your dream, be the change that the world needs. Take that ore and start paddling to the life you desire. 


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