Your Heart Today

If I were to choose the song for this Sunday’s gospel reading, I’ll choose the song, Your Heart today.  The song really strucked to my heart as I am currently dealing with conflicts. Most of the time, I have this feeling of going away from God, jeeping away from prayers and slowly, turning away from the grace of His love. 

I have come to this point of my life where my dreams and ambitions overcome my faith. I have so many thoughts running in my mind, that I have to prove to everyone that I can do more and beyond their expectations keeping me unaground and away from God. And there comes life, knocking to me once again- om how to strengthen the bonds within myself. The first bond, is my family. We are now dealing with each of us has its own sentiments, on how to mend those differences among us. I know it would take time to heal those pain we have cause to each other and I know how rigorous it would be- to knock down those negativities in life. 

Second, the most wonderful, rebound by God, He is calling me again, to come back, to be lowly and to follow Him anew. I received a message from our Diocesan Social Communications and invited to be the Diocese’ nominee for the second time around, for Catholic Social Media Awards for Best Blog Category, plus, an opportunity to be part of pool of writers for the Diocese. Indeed, God knows how to get someone, who, once, at large and now, ready to embrace and embark on a new chapter, a chance to be better. 

Today, while randomly playing catholic songs through youtube, I stumbled upon to this song, which is one of my favorite song- Your Heart today. There’s a line in the song that goes:

And when I’ve done, all that I could. Yet, there are hearts, I cannot move;

Lord, give me hope. That I may be,

Your Heart today.

In life, when you feel that you’ve done everything to convince someone to have faith in the Lord, when you’ve justified enough how great and good the Lord is, when everything seems odd and tough, Let the Good Lord give you hope. Let God do the rest for you. 



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